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The picture I entered of my Hubby in Five Minutes For Moms The Kid in you photo Contest is one of the twenty finalists!!  I can’t believe it :D!  We could win the grand prize, a Wii, or a pinata stuffed with Nestles Crunch Bars…so either Scottie could be very happy or I could LoL!  Now we just need some votes!  You can find all the finalists photos here Scottie’s picture is about halfway down…he’s the one with the big coyote ears LoL! 


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Five Minutes for Mom is  having a photo contest called The Kid in You and looking for the Spirit of Childhood…this is the photo that came to mind of my hubby at the Bronx Zoo.  My daughter wasn’t even one yet at the time so he was forced to play with all the cool stuff at the children’s zoo by himself LoL.  There’s lots of very cute photos to check out over there!  Wish us luck :)!


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Ok, I realize I’m a day late for this but I was quite happy with how many little jobs I managed to cross off my list between late last night and this afternoon.  Last night I sat down and finally put all my photo cd’s in a cd album in order, then I sorted the huge pile of coupons I’d clipped, weeded out the expired ones and separated the rest into their respective catagories…I even managed to use $4 worth of them today.  Then this morning I let my daughter play with a basin full of water in the tub while I purged and organized the linen closet.  I even managed to buy a gift for a bridal shower I’m invited to next month.  I don’t usually get this much done in a whole weekend, let alone a single day off in the middle of the week so I’m quite proud of myself.  Of course my house is still a mess but at least I’m getting organized, bit by bit.  

I also got to take my daughter to her sports camp this week and this week’s sport was baseball.  The group was made up of three girls and one boy.  The boy was 4 and seemed to be a T-Ball veteran, but he had to leave after the first half hour.  It was very cute to watch the Coach try to show three 3-4 year old girls how to throw, hit and run the bases when they would have been more than happy to just play catch with each other.  He came over to us Moms/Grandmas at one point chuckling because when he asked the girls if they were leaving him, one of them said to the others, ‘We can’t leave or he’s going to cry’ LoL! 

Hmmm, maybe tomorrow I’ll post a Wordless Wednesday Photo LoL!

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…after a long day of shopping at the outlets, you are midway through the almost two hour drive home when you hear from the back seat, “I try to get it out!” and look back to see your two year old with her finger in her nose.  Luckily, I am not driving, my Mom is, so I scoot to the back seat to see if I can do anything about this situation in the pitch dark backseat.  I’m not too successful.  I am able to access that what has managed to make its way into Abbey’s nostril is a piece of foam that she has pulled out of a hole in the fabric cover of her carseat…how big a piece it was remained a mystery.  Two sneezes fail to solve the problem.  I mumble out loud to myself that I don’t even have a pair of tweezers with me.  Abbey looks up at me with huge, worried eyes and asks “Does Mamo have tweezers?”  Mamo is her grandmother, the driver, and no, she foolishly left her tweezers home that night.  When we finally got to the next exit and pulled into a shopping center parking lot there was a Rite Aid there that looked open…whew!  I went to buy a pair of tweezers and when I walked up the automatic doors wouldn’t open…I looked at my watch…10:04…they close at 10 pm, GREAT!  So I rummage through my bag and the best I can come up with is a paper clip.  So, I bend it open and while my Mother holds the penlight on her keychain at just the right angle I perform my surgery…all it takes is one touch to the back of the inside of her nose and a giant sneeze before a sizable chunk of foam finds its way to freedom. 

Question of the Day…

What’s your best “You know you’re a Mom when…” story?

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We are just about off to Mamo and Papa’s for a big family BBQ but I had to stop in and write about this.  Its an unusually breezy day today so Scottie took Abbey out with the Strawberry Shortcake kite we bought months ago and never used.  Before heading out the door Abbey grabs one of those micro-bead pillows from her room and announces she is bringing baby outside too.  Now, this is not a pillow that looks like a baby….its just a round, red, pillow.   All over the house we have dozens of real babies (dolls) but today, the red pillow was her baby and her Dada was doing everything he could to convice her to bring one of her regular babies outside instead of her pillow.  I think he was afraid the neighbors would think she didn’t have any dolls and was having to make due with a pillow LoL.  In the end though Abbey hugged her pillow and brought it outside, and Dada took several breaks from the kite flying so she could go and check on the baby.

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To the right there, under Favorite Links, I have a link to a website that has blog prompts on it.  It shows one at a time and if you don’t like the one you see you click the button and it gives you another one.  I haven’t used any of them yet but once or twice a week I go in and see what prompts are there and click the button a dozen or so times before giving up or getting distracted.  That’s what I was doing today when I came upon a promt that read, ” Today’s prompt: Use the next Blog Prompt…No matter what it is”.  Doh!  Caught red handed cheating LoL.  So I closed my eyes and clicked the button knowing that now I HAD to use it and lucky for me, this is what came up so, without any further ado, here’s my list…

My 10 Greatest Joys…

1. My Daughter- Hands down…no matter how bad my day is when I come home and hear her yell “MAMA!!!”  I can’t help but have a smile on my face!

2. My Hubby- Ok, sometimes I might need to be remided that he’s on the list ;), but really, how lucky  can you be to have your best friend around all the time?

3. My Family- The rest of it that is…not sure what I would do without them!

4.  Food-  Mmmmm!

5. Photography- I love taking picutes…from cute photos of my little one to beautiful landscapes.  

 6. Digital Scrapbooking- It lets me get very creative without taking up lots of time to set up and clean up.  Its also my favorite winding down activity.

7. A bubble bath and my favorite magazine- Bonus points if I’m home alone and don’t have to hear my name through the door 10 times before I’m done :)!

8. A Crisp Autumn Day- My favorite season…so many great things to do outside without the stifling heat to deal with.

9. Watching the snow fall from inside- Winter…my least favorite season…but if I’m inside and I don’t have to go anywhere, watching the snow fall while I sip a hot chocolate is so soothing.

10. Christmas- My absolute favorite time of year…I love the songs, the atmoshpere, the food, the planning, the wrapping….even the frenzy. 

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So, I decided to make a blog just for my store so I can update when I add something without those posts getting in the way here.  Here’s the link to the blog…

Abba Dabba Doo Designs

…and there’s also a link in my favorite links over on the right there. I haven’t gotten to all my stuff posted on there yet but there’s also a link to the actual store on there too!

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