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Ultimate Blog Party 2008 

Oops!  Should have mentioned right off the bat…Cead Mile Failte is Gaelic for One Hundred Thousand Welcomes!  I’m not from Ireland but we take our Irish Heritage very seriously.  Our big holiday is coming up on Monday and we can’t wait :)!

 I’m very late arriving to the party, but 5 Minutes for Mom  is hosting the Ultimate Blog Party!  There are over a thousand links to women all over the blogosphere and lots of prizes and giveaways to be had as well (more on those later :D)  so go check it out and meet some new, fellow bloggers! 

As for me, let me introduce myself…

I am Jen, mom to Abbey, my 3 1/2 year old daughter and wife to my hubby Scottie.  We live and New York and we’ve been married for over 8 years.  This blog is my spot to record the little moments I don’t want to forget, vent frustrations, post cute photos, yummy recipes, and funny little stories…mostly all geared towards Miss Abigail LoL!  Here’s a picture of Abbey and her Mamo (Irish for Grandma) I from our town’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade a couple of weeks ago (scroll down to see a pic of Abbey and I on the same day)…

And here’s my favorite party recipe to bring when I know there will be kids around…

Dirt Cake Recipe

1 16 oz package Oreo Cookies
1/2 cup (1 stick) Butter or margarine, softened
1 8oz block of cream cheese, softened
1 cup confectioners sugar
1 t vanilla
2 4 serving size boxes chocolate fudge pudding, instant
3 cups milk
1 12 oz tub whipped topping, thawed
A few gummi worms
Crush the cookies until they resemble potting soil. Set aside. Cream butter, cream cheese, sugar and vanilla until smooth, and fluffy; set aside. Combine the pudding mix and milk until well blended, then fold in the whipped topping. Gently fold the cream cheese and pudding mixtures together.To put the cake together, layer in a flower pot (about 8″ diameter) with 1/3 of the cookie crumbs followed by 1/2 the pudding mixture, 1/3 of the crumbs, the rest of the pudding mixture and topping with the remaining cookie crumbs. Refrigerate 10 to 12 hours. About 1/2 hour before serving, remove from refrigerator and decorate with flowers and gummi worms. Serve by digging out portions with a shovel.

And don’t forget about the prizes!  There are over 150 up for grabs!  My favorite three are:

The Ballerina Hairclip Holder from Nissa’s Niceties which you can find here

The  3 Books Prize from Jill Norwood at Who Could Ask For Anything More

(she has the coolest movie quote meme going on right now that I just might have to steal 🙂  )

And the Story Package from Cherish Bound 

I would also love to win #’s 67, 103, 124, 102,  and 119


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Ok, Abbey’s birthday party is fast approaching and I still  haven’t settled on a cake to make…that is, if I make a cake at all.  I can tell you this, Bob the Builder and Bulldozer cakes are quite popular searches.  I can’t tell you how many people have found my blog by searching those terms.  By the way, there’s a link in my favorite links section for Creative cakes that I believe takes you right to the Bob the Builder cakes.  If not they are easy to find in a search.  I think I’ve abandoned the idea of a Bob cake though.  Abbey still loves to point out “BOB!” everytime we pass a construction vehicle but, I think I’m going to go with a slighly less boyish theme.  I’m leaning towards a Curious George cake.  There are some amazing ones on that Creative cakes site…or I still might do the Raggedy Ann cake I had stumbled upon before I even had Abbey.  Since I love Raggedy Ann and Abbey is not so impressed this may be my last chance to pick the theme of the cake while she doesn’t seem to car LoL.  Ah well, I’ll figure it out. 

So, today’s Question of the day:

 What was your child(ren)’s last birthday cake/theme? 

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If there is one thing that I collect and just can’t stop its cookbooks.  Despite the fact that I probably have a couple of hundred cookbooks, I still can’t resist buying new ones.  So when I ordered some Christmas presents from a catalog a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t resist ordering a new, holiday cookbook for myself too.  Its called Old-Fashioned Holiday Recipes by Debbie Mumm.  If you do scrapbooking you’re probably familiar with Debbie Mumm.  She does really cute, country style artwork and I was always drawn to the scrapbooking papers she designed.  I don’t really do paper scrapbooking anymore but I love  her designs.  Anyway, this has got to be the most beautiful cookbook I’ve ever owned…every page looks like a scrapbookpage.  There’s recipes for all courses but, of course, I’ve been pouring over the Cookies and Treats section.  Candy Cane Biscotti, Browned Butter Spritz Cookies, Sugared Pecan Halves, White Chocolate Truffles, Toffee Popcorn Crunch, Holiday Walnut Berry Bites…I could go on and on…Last year some of my buddies and I did a cookie exchange, so I’m hoping we’ll be doing it again…if so, I think I’ll be picking something from this book! 

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So I’ve been trying to decide what to do for a theme for Abbey’s birthday.  Mainly this affects the cake since I’m thinking of trying to make a cake myself.  I was thinking of doing this cute Castle cake…

…but when we passed the birthday cakes at Shoprite this weekend the one that made Abbey stop and point was the Bob the Builder cake. So much for my visions of a Princess Party LoL. So I’m thinking of trying to make this…

 bulldozer cake (the first picture, #19 when you scroll down)…

…but I think I’ll try making a mini version and sit it on top of Dirt cake which is always a hit with the kids. Then I can still order a pretty purple/flowery 1/4 sheet cake for the adults and apease my (and Abbey’s) girly side. Of course, I’ve never attempted a cake like this. The closest I’ve come is the little lamb cake I made for her first birthday party but there wasn’t so much cutting and frosting (the wool on that one was mini-marshmallows)…last year I didn’t attempt a cake on my own, I just got a bigger one from Wal-Mart. So, we shall see!

I’m also getting goodie bags together. I picked up some non-Easter themed toys and things on clearance after Easter like little card games (old maid, crazy 8’s ect), maze puzzles, a bucket of sidewalk chalk so each kid gets a couple of pieces, and little containers of Play-Doh. I’m going to look for a bag of Play-Doh tools and/or cookie cutters to put in with the clay and I saw a suggestion to put in a freezer pop…the kind you buy as liquid and freeze yourself, so they can bring it home and freeze it there. I thought that was a good idea. Other than that I’ll probably throw in some candy and be done with it. Of course all this doesn’t take place for another two months (two months from today to be exact), so I’ve got time.

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