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I’m even a bit early.  My first official menu plan of  2009…

Monday: Chicken legs in Lemon Pepper marinade, green beans and a Pasta Side

Tuesday: Italian Sausage Calzone

Wednesday: Pasta w/almonds and garlic croutons, veggies

Thursday: Chicken Salad Club Sandwiches with tomatoes

Friday: Pasta w/Almonds leftovers

Saturday: Chicken Pot Pie


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Here’s my plan for this week…

London Broil

Meat Loaf

Chicken Marsala

Rotini and Kielbasa

English Muffin Pizzas

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Ok, I’m going to give this another shot [blush].  We had an open house yesterday afternoon and since we are going the ‘For Sale by Owner’ route that means that I am sitting at home for three hours every Sunday just waiting for people to stop by.  Usually Scottie is working on Sundays so my Dad sits with me in case any crazy people come by, but yesterday Scottie was off so in between visitors, we decided to take an inventory of all the meats we have in the freezer and then we made up a list of almost a months worth of dinner ideas.  For most of those ideas we don’t have to buy a thing…woo hoo. 

Then, after the open house we stopped at the dollar store for a gift bag and I found a two pack of generic, spiral bound calendars with just the template and the days of the week printed and you have to fill in the Month, Year and put the number on each day block.  Which works out well since I’m just getting this planning bug now and its AUGUST LoL!  So now I have a whole list of ideas, most of the ingredients and a nice, neat place to write it all down…no more excuses :D!  So here’s this weeks plan…

Week of Aug. 20

Monday: Ham and Cheese Omlettes

Tuesday: Sausage and Peppers (leftovers from bbq)

Wednesday: Pork Chops, mashed potatoes and green beans

Thursday: Chicken Cordon Bleau, mashed potatoes and asparagus.

Friday: Italian or American Sub. 

We leave Friday afternoon for two days of camping with DH’s whole family (more on this later).  The rest of the weekend will be all about hotdogs, hamburgers, macaroni and potato salad, and peanut butter, jelly and marshmallow fluff sandwiches.  Oh, and don’t forget the s’mores.  I’m sure I will have much to write about after the weekend lol. 

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Ok, so its Friday and I followed my menu plan exactly one day…we had the chicken, noodles and veggies leftovers dish the other night, other than that, we didn’t follow one meal, and the weekend doesn’t look good either…oh well…plans were made to be broken right?  LoL.

So the plan for the weekend is to go to the Bug and Butterfly Festival at Stonykill tomorrow.  They’re supposed to have a tent set up with lots of local butterflies inside so you can go inside and the butterflies fly all around you.  Hopefully I’ll have lots of cute photos to post tomorrow.  That’s the plan, but of course, since we have a plan in place, Something  has to come along to throw a wrench in the works…we’re finally supposed to get Scottie’s car back tomorrow (another long story I’ll save for another time), and today the van starts acting up…overheating and whatnot…sigh…can’t we just have one day of everything going smoothly?  Anyway, hopefully we’ll get to the Butterfly Festival and maybe get some swimming in and then we’ll have to work on the stairs.  So far I’ve gotten three stairs de-stapled and sanded.  At this point I’m just hoping to get one coat of stain on each step before Sunday’s open house…we shall see! 

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Well, I had my meals for the week all planned out…then Scottie picked me up at work with sandwiches and drinks packed and we had a picnic at the park.   I can’t say that I’m upset that he messed up my meal plan LoL.  So, for the rest of the week, here’s what I’ve got on tap…

Wednesday-  Chicken, Noodles and Veggies ( a combination of leftovers from previous nights)             

Thursday- Breakfast for dinner! (Biscuits and Gravy)

Friday- Ravioli

Saturday- Pork Chops and Veggies

Sunday- Ham, mashed potatoes, veggies

The biscuits and gravy is just a can of Pillsbury Grands Biscuits and a can of Sausage Gravy I found at the grocery store…cheating, I know, but I LOVE biscuits and gravy…and you can’t get it anywhere around here, as far as I know.  So if I can find an easy way to make it for myself on a regular basis it’ll be great!  Next time I’ll have to try either the biscuits or gravy from scratch. 

As for the stairs…we haven’t run into a disaster like I was expecting, but the upper stairs  have about 10, 000 staples in them (much more than the lower stairs), so the process is going slower than last week.   Hopefully we’ll still be done by Sunday so we can have an open house that day.  We shall see!   

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