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Yeah I won!

I entered to win a Bath and Bodyworks gift card last week and I just found out that I won!  Woo Hoo!  Many thanks to Knit Purl Gurl at Mommatudes for offering the giveaway…go check out her blog, there’s lots of money saving tips, crafts and fun family ideas (I think I’m going to do the ‘Faux Gingerbread House’ this weekend!).


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I really mean it this time LoL!  I’ve come here many times since the last time I posted but I just didn’t have the energy to catch up on six months worth of stuff.  Anyway, tonight hubby was working and since I had today off  and we had a late lunch, that left Abbey and I with several hours all to ourselves.  We had such a nice night and I was thinking I wanted to jot it down somewhere so I wouldn’t forget it when I realized that tonight is exactly the kind of thing i started this blog for in the first place. 

Abbey was pulling things out of the Arts and Crafts box I found in my old closet at my parents house before she had her coat off.  I was trying to think of a cute Christmas project we could do off the top of my head, but it turns out that she was happy rubber stamping, and gluing colored shapes to paper for an hour and a half.  We decided we were a little hungry for dinner afterall so we had Krafts Maccaroni and Cheese…Mmmm!  Then we decided to have a movie night…we made our dinner and then I thought it would be fun to watch our movie while lounging on the sofa bed.  Abbey did not know that our sofa was a sleeper so the expression on her face when she saw a bed coming out of our couch was priceless LoL.  Our dvd player is on the blink so luckily the Hallmark Channel came to the rescue (or was it ABC Family?), with ‘Silver Bells’.  Not exactly a Christmas Classic, but it would do.   It was pretty good and Abbey only asked Why did this happen or Why did that happen 786 time LoL!  At one point she was asking me about some part or other and I was explaining it to her and apparently my explanation was far too intricate because in mid sentence she stopped me and said ‘Ok, can you go make the popcorn now?’ LoL.  I’d have to say that the popcorn would have to be the best thing about movie night as far as Abbey was concerned LoL.  Anyway, after the movie was over we went up the bed.  Now, over the last few months bedtime has not been a very good experience in our house…most nights it is a struggle (errr, battle!), but tonight I read Abbey her story and I swear she was asleep in less than two minutes after I turned out the light.  It was such a perfect night…I can’t wait for my next day off so we can do it again :). 

In other Black Friday news…I swore I would never do this but i got the paper on Wednesday and K-Mart had MP3 players on sale for $10 on Thanksgiving day…so I went to K-Mart on Thanksgiving and got the last two…one for Scottie and one for Abbey.  I couldn’t believe it, I was sure I would find them all sold out. Then, today, the only deal I really wanted was the 1/2 price Fisher Price Mini-Van that goes with the Loving Family Dollhouse Abbey’s getting for Christmas, and again, I got the last one…maybe I should play the lottery or something LoL.  I also found a Thursday only deal on Spiderman Walkie Talkies for my nephew, the only kid I wasn’t done shopping for by August.  Let’s see, what else…Oh, we visted with Santa today and it was the first time we got a picture with Abbey where I didn’t have to be in the picture too.  I was so thrilled…even if she didn’t smile in even one of the pictures LoL.  Ok, enough for tonight.  I PROMISE to be better about posting more often from now on…I swear :D! 

Ok, that’s enough for tonight.

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Ok, I realize I’m a day late for this but I was quite happy with how many little jobs I managed to cross off my list between late last night and this afternoon.  Last night I sat down and finally put all my photo cd’s in a cd album in order, then I sorted the huge pile of coupons I’d clipped, weeded out the expired ones and separated the rest into their respective catagories…I even managed to use $4 worth of them today.  Then this morning I let my daughter play with a basin full of water in the tub while I purged and organized the linen closet.  I even managed to buy a gift for a bridal shower I’m invited to next month.  I don’t usually get this much done in a whole weekend, let alone a single day off in the middle of the week so I’m quite proud of myself.  Of course my house is still a mess but at least I’m getting organized, bit by bit.  

I also got to take my daughter to her sports camp this week and this week’s sport was baseball.  The group was made up of three girls and one boy.  The boy was 4 and seemed to be a T-Ball veteran, but he had to leave after the first half hour.  It was very cute to watch the Coach try to show three 3-4 year old girls how to throw, hit and run the bases when they would have been more than happy to just play catch with each other.  He came over to us Moms/Grandmas at one point chuckling because when he asked the girls if they were leaving him, one of them said to the others, ‘We can’t leave or he’s going to cry’ LoL! 

Hmmm, maybe tomorrow I’ll post a Wordless Wednesday Photo LoL!

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Yep, Abbey is signed up for Sports camp in our town.  Its just a one hour a day, one day a week thing for the next month but it will be fun.  Abbey and her cousin Matt are signed up and it started today.  From what her Nana told me, this week was Soccer week and she quite enjoyed kicking the ball into the net.  She did not, however, totally get the concept of kicking the soccer ball around the cones…instead, she was trying to knock the cones down…LoL, I wish I’d been there to see that.  I will be off from work next Wednesday so my SIL and I will be taking the kids to Lacrosse day next week.  That should be fun, although I have to admit, I was sort of hoping that the one Sports camp day I had off would be on Football day…how funny would it be to see my three year old daughter playing football :)…tee hee!  Even better, she is also signed up for weekly Nature Workshops for pre-schoolers and tomorrow is Earthworm Day.  As it turns out, Abbey is quite a friend to the earthworms so I’m thinking she will enjoy tomorrow’s workshop quite a bit.  Look for some pictures next week of Abbey’s warm weather activities!

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I hope all my Mom friends are enjoying a whole Mother’s Weekend instead of just a day…you deserve it :)!  MY Mother’s Day is tomorrow since Scottie is working Sunday afternoon and the morning is for his Mom and that night Abbey and I are joining the rest of the family for dinner out with my Mom. 

 Tonight’s plan was to finish Abbey’s presents for her grandmother’s.  I just came across two little heart shaped plastercraft sets I’d bought two years ago for Mother’s Day…at the time I opened the box and read the directions for the craft that lets you make a mold of your little one’s hand, “Be sure to keep your child’s hand still for 60-90 seconds until the gel mold sets”.  I read that and put it away…there was no way my 18 month old was going to keep her hand still for 5 seconds, nevermind 90.  Exactly what made me think I’d do much better at age 3 and a half I’m not quite sure.  The other night we did the gel molds…the more I told Abbey to keep her hands still the more she wiggled her fingers LoL.  Tonight I mixed the plaster and poured it over the gel mold, following the instructions exactly.  After a half hour I popped the plaster heart shape out of the mold and turned it over where the directions said I’d  have to pull out the gel mold with a butter knife.  So…I turn the mold over and its a perfectly smooth, plaster heart…no gel mold in sight.  You should have seen me excavating the mold of my daughter’s little hands out of the plaster, using the back end of a butter knife like a chisel.  I felt like an Archeologist at work LoL.  I’m sorry to say, however, that only one of the gifts survived my excavation…well, partially survived.  The good one has only four full fingers…a good portion of her pinky finger got chiseled right off, but the other one was worse off that that and ended up in about five pieces.  So tomorrow we’ll be scrambling to make another Mother’s Day gift before Sunday morning :)!    Hopefully I’ll get some breakfast in bed first LoL!

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I was tagged for this Me Meme by my buddy Vicki at the Adventures of Bittymand and Ittyboy. 

Here’s my answers…

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Planning our wedding!
Name 5 things on your to-do list today:

1. Make a Ziti for dinner tomorrow night.

2. Have Abbey finish her Mother’s Day Gifts for her Grandmother’s

3. Plant the Rosemary and Basil Plants I bought the other day.

4. Do at least a thirty minute walk on my lunch break.

5. Buy Mother’s Day Cards for Mom and MIL

What things would you do if you were a billionaire?

  1. Buy a big house (but not a huge mansion)
  2. Buy houses for my brother and sister and pay off the rest of the family’s houses.
  3. Go on an Alaskan Cruise.
  4. Plan a big family vacation, with the whole family, probably to Ireland. 
  5. Hire a maid LoL!
  6. Donate to many charities close to my heart.


Name 3 bad habits or qualities:

  1. I bite my nails. 
  2. I’m a packrat (but working on it). 
  3. I’m the worst procrastinator ever.

Name 5 places you’ve lived:

  1. Hampton, VA
  2. Bronx, NY
  3. Fishkill, NY 
  4. Poughkeepsie, NY
  5. Wappingers Falls, NY

Name 5 jobs you’ve had:

  1. Craft Store stock girl
  2. Summer Camp Arts and Crafts Teacher
  3. Art Teacher
  4. Bank Teller
  5. Financial Svcs Rep

Name 5 books you’ve read recently:
(Books… recently… obviously a meme composed by someone without small children.)

  1. The Very Shy Kitten
  2. Elmo Loves You
  3. William and His Little Kitten
  4. Woman’s day Mag (ok, mags will have to count for this LoL)
  5. Rachel Ray’s Magazine

Name 5 people you tag for this meme:

(OK, I don’t know that many people with blogs and Vicki already got a couple of the one’s I do know so I’m not going to make 5 :D)!

  1. Katie
  2. Suz

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When I saw there was a Motherhood Photo Contest  on Five Minutes for Mom, this is the first photo that came to mind!  A picture of my daughter and I when she was just 6 weeks old…seems like just yesterday and a hundred years ago all at once. 

ETA: It appears that I’m too late to enter the contest but what better photo to have up for Mother’s Day Week anyway.  Here’s a link to Five Minutes For Mom’s Mother’s Day Giveaway post with lots of giveaways you can enter to win.   

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