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We’re finally back and healthy!  Abbey came down with a stomach bug last Monday.  It lasted most of the day and the next day she was a bit better.  I was planning on going back to work last Wednesday when I woke up with it in the middle of the night.  The next day it was my Mom’s turn to come down with it and a few hours later Scottie got it.  The day after that it was MIL’s turn as well as my sister.  I have never seen a bug burn through our family so quickly.  Most of us just hardly ever get sick at all.  Thankfully we seem to be mostly back to normal.  Abbey isn’t throwing up anymore but she has other tummy issues the minute she strays from the BRAT diet it seems, but other than that we are doing much better. 

We ventured to the dentist today.  I am a total coward when it comes to the dentist for myself…when it comes to taking Abbey I’m a hundred times worse LoL.  She’s a real trooper though.  It seems God has a sense of humor…I can’t stand going to the dentist and he sent me a child who inherited a dental condition from her father’s side of the family called dentinogenisis imperfecta…translation: she will eventually need caps on all of her teeth.  For now, she’ll need to have four silver caps put in on the molars in the back, two on top and two on the bottom.    Today was a breeze…she just had a teeth cleaning.  The day we go for putting in the molars will not go so smooth I suspect.  Oh well, her father got through it and her cousins too so I guess she will too…me I’m not so sure about :).

On a brighter note Abbey got invited to her first real birthday party this weekend.  Up till now she’s only been to her cousins birthday parties and all her cousins are boys so she’s never been to a little girls birthday party at all.  This is a little girl that’s a neighbor at my parent’s house.  They play together at the park sometimes so it will be cute.  Its being held at one of those jumpy house places,  they just opened one right in town.  So that is our plan for Saturday…I don’t know whose more excited, Abbey or us LoL!


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Ok, so we finally have a head count for Abbey’s party next week.  Looks like 14 adults and 5 kids.  I guess it won’t be long before the adult and kid numbers are reversed huh? LoL. Anyway, the plan for food is to order a 4 foot sub (they provide the macaroni and potato salads and cole slaw and condiments within the price), and I’m going to make a tray of ziti and Scottie will make his sausage and peppers.  Mom’s going to make her homemade chicken noodle soup.  We’re also going to make some chicken nuggets and PB&J’s for the kids.  That’s it…it seems like less than we usually make,  but more than enough for the people we’re having I think.  I’m going to make the ziti this weekend and freeze and Scottie will make the sausage and peppers Friday.  All we should need to do on Saturday is heat stuff up and make a few PB&J’s, which is how I wanted it.  We usually bbq hod dogs and hamburgers but then someone has to be at the grill the whole time so hopefully this will work out better. 

Let’s see, what else…I’ve pretty much gotten the goodie bags together.  Abbey’s the only girl and the ages range from 1 to 9 so this wasn’t an easy task.  I picked up a bunch of sports themed little trinkets on clearance after Easter at Wal-Mart so the older boys get a little trinket box , a mini bubbles bottle and a maze puzzle that is either a baseball, soccer ball or football.  The younger boys get toy boats for the bath and frog bath toys.  Everybody gets a couple of Tootsie Roll pops and a liquid freezer pop (unfrozen) to take home, and all but the youngest one gets a little Play-Doh container, and a stick of sidewalk chalk.  I also picked up a bag of little toys like you’d get in a coin machine at the after Easter sale so I divided those up evenly, stuff like fake gold coins, little parachute men, super balls, ect. 

My Mom picked up some really cute napkins that are lavendar and have little teddy bears having a tea party on them.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find matching plates so we have a hodge podge of plates, napkins, tablecloths ect that don’t exactly match but all are primarily lavendar…so I guess our theme is lavendar LoL.  The hats and goodie bags have butterflies and some of the cake plates are butterflies, some are fairy princesses. 

I’ve been going back and forth on games and stuff.  I think I might get Scottie to do a couple of games with the kids.  I saw a suggestion on some web site for each kid that gets knocked out of a game to get a prize but the prizes get gradually better as you get closer to the winner.  Personally,  I don’t have a problem with only the winner getting a prize, especially since everyone is getting a goodie bag, but I know everyone doesn’t agree with that.  Anyway, any suggestions for good games for a wide age range (but not many kids)?  I’m thinking maybe Duck, Duck Goose and/or Musical Chairs and, of course, Pin the tail on the Donkey.  Maybe Simon Says?  Not sure if that’s good for 3 year olds though. 

So the main thing I haven’t decided on is the cake.  But for age one and two I’ve just gone down that morning and bought a quarter sheet cake at Wal-Mart.  Their cakes are surpisingly delicious and you can always find one decorated with purple icing and butterflies or princess decorations are pretty common too.  What I would like to do is make one myself if time allows.  I may just see how things go on Friday and give it a whirl…if it doesn’t work out I can still get the Wal-Mart cake on Saturday morning.  I really like the Raggedy Ann cake I mentioned in an earlier post and I know the kids would like the red licorice hair, but I also found a couple of cute Curious George cakes on line and Abbey is absolutely mesmorized by that show when its on TV so that would be a good one for her right now.  I don’t know…we’ll see what I decide on Friday…Abbey doesn’t seem to care one way or the other as long as she gets to blow out the candles LoL. 

I was planning to get Abbey a Fisher Price Little People play set for her birthday present, but then I came across these cute doll outfits Snap n Style   on sale at Wal-Mart.  They’re also Fisher Price and are  plastic and the outfits just snap onto the dolls.  Unfortunately they didn’t have the dolls themselves at all, but I took my chances figuring if worst comes to worst you can find anything on ebay right? LoL.  Anyway, it turns out Kohl’s is having a 40% off Fisher Price toys Sale this week so I was able to get the doll, plus two more outfits.  They’re so cute…I can’t wait to play with them with her LoL.  Each outfit has a theme so there’s Bedtime, Flower Girl, Karate Class, Soccer Player, Ballerina, and Snowboard fun.  I think there’s only two that we don’t have and ironically one is the birthday one LoL. 

Ok, I think that’s it.  Sorry for the book but I had to put it all down on paper for myself :).   

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Ok, Abbey’s birthday party is fast approaching and I still  haven’t settled on a cake to make…that is, if I make a cake at all.  I can tell you this, Bob the Builder and Bulldozer cakes are quite popular searches.  I can’t tell you how many people have found my blog by searching those terms.  By the way, there’s a link in my favorite links section for Creative cakes that I believe takes you right to the Bob the Builder cakes.  If not they are easy to find in a search.  I think I’ve abandoned the idea of a Bob cake though.  Abbey still loves to point out “BOB!” everytime we pass a construction vehicle but, I think I’m going to go with a slighly less boyish theme.  I’m leaning towards a Curious George cake.  There are some amazing ones on that Creative cakes site…or I still might do the Raggedy Ann cake I had stumbled upon before I even had Abbey.  Since I love Raggedy Ann and Abbey is not so impressed this may be my last chance to pick the theme of the cake while she doesn’t seem to car LoL.  Ah well, I’ll figure it out. 

So, today’s Question of the day:

 What was your child(ren)’s last birthday cake/theme? 

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Whew!  Its been a while huh?  I’m on vacation this week so I don’t have all the extra time to post that I have when I’m working (tee hee).  Let’s see…we started out last weekend with our big family camping trip.  I was definatley worried about how it might turn out, but it went amazingly smooth, all things considered.  Saturday was the hottest day of the year but we spent it swimming and wading in the Spring in Bash Bish Falls…so it didn’t seem so bad.  Actually, I’m trying to figure out what weekend we might be able to go camping again, but this time with just the three of us.  It looks like we’re all booked up on weekends until the middle of October, but, if the weather is co-operative, that might actually work out.  We shall see!

 Let’s see…we also went to the Bronx Zoo on Tuesday. I don’t have my photos uploaded yet, but it was a fun time. Mamo and Papa came as well as Aunt Karen, and cousins Matt and Travis.  I just got myself signed up for a Kodak Gallery account and sent the link to our camping friends so I’ll work on a Bronx Zoo link next!  Actually, while we were in the city we decided to do the whole city experience…we picked up White Castle Hamburgers.  I still have a few left over…I’ll still be having them for lunch tomorrow!  Then we headed to Little Italy and Aurthur Ave. and stopped for some bread…I love bread, but I don’t usually just have bread and butter all by itself…usually I’ll have garlic bread or I’ll dip in the sauce from Spaghetti and Meatballs…but this bread was so delicious that just bread and butter was SOOOOO good!  Then, before we started home, my Dad stopped at a place that had Real Italian Ices…Oh My Gosh!  I got a Lemon one and it was so good…not to mention it brought back so many memories.  I totally remember stopping for Italian Ices after going grocery shopping at Pathmark when we lived in the city.  My brother and I would smash our Italian Ices together so we could get a taste of each other’s ices without actually licking them I guess LoL! 

Tomorrow we’re  having a picnic at Lake Taghkonic.  Nothing fancy, in fact we’re not calling it a bbq  because we’re just bringing sandwiches so we don’t have to worry about  actually cooking LoL.  Oh, and did I mention that tomorrow is also my Birthday?  That may help explain the ‘No cooking rule’ for tomorrow Lol! 

This didn’t work out so well last time but let’s try it again…

Question of the Day…

What’s your favorite local/hometown food that sometimes you just HAVE to have?

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So I’ve been trying to decide what to do for a theme for Abbey’s birthday.  Mainly this affects the cake since I’m thinking of trying to make a cake myself.  I was thinking of doing this cute Castle cake…

…but when we passed the birthday cakes at Shoprite this weekend the one that made Abbey stop and point was the Bob the Builder cake. So much for my visions of a Princess Party LoL. So I’m thinking of trying to make this…

 bulldozer cake (the first picture, #19 when you scroll down)…

…but I think I’ll try making a mini version and sit it on top of Dirt cake which is always a hit with the kids. Then I can still order a pretty purple/flowery 1/4 sheet cake for the adults and apease my (and Abbey’s) girly side. Of course, I’ve never attempted a cake like this. The closest I’ve come is the little lamb cake I made for her first birthday party but there wasn’t so much cutting and frosting (the wool on that one was mini-marshmallows)…last year I didn’t attempt a cake on my own, I just got a bigger one from Wal-Mart. So, we shall see!

I’m also getting goodie bags together. I picked up some non-Easter themed toys and things on clearance after Easter like little card games (old maid, crazy 8’s ect), maze puzzles, a bucket of sidewalk chalk so each kid gets a couple of pieces, and little containers of Play-Doh. I’m going to look for a bag of Play-Doh tools and/or cookie cutters to put in with the clay and I saw a suggestion to put in a freezer pop…the kind you buy as liquid and freeze yourself, so they can bring it home and freeze it there. I thought that was a good idea. Other than that I’ll probably throw in some candy and be done with it. Of course all this doesn’t take place for another two months (two months from today to be exact), so I’ve got time.

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