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I really mean it this time LoL!  I’ve come here many times since the last time I posted but I just didn’t have the energy to catch up on six months worth of stuff.  Anyway, tonight hubby was working and since I had today off  and we had a late lunch, that left Abbey and I with several hours all to ourselves.  We had such a nice night and I was thinking I wanted to jot it down somewhere so I wouldn’t forget it when I realized that tonight is exactly the kind of thing i started this blog for in the first place. 

Abbey was pulling things out of the Arts and Crafts box I found in my old closet at my parents house before she had her coat off.  I was trying to think of a cute Christmas project we could do off the top of my head, but it turns out that she was happy rubber stamping, and gluing colored shapes to paper for an hour and a half.  We decided we were a little hungry for dinner afterall so we had Krafts Maccaroni and Cheese…Mmmm!  Then we decided to have a movie night…we made our dinner and then I thought it would be fun to watch our movie while lounging on the sofa bed.  Abbey did not know that our sofa was a sleeper so the expression on her face when she saw a bed coming out of our couch was priceless LoL.  Our dvd player is on the blink so luckily the Hallmark Channel came to the rescue (or was it ABC Family?), with ‘Silver Bells’.  Not exactly a Christmas Classic, but it would do.   It was pretty good and Abbey only asked Why did this happen or Why did that happen 786 time LoL!  At one point she was asking me about some part or other and I was explaining it to her and apparently my explanation was far too intricate because in mid sentence she stopped me and said ‘Ok, can you go make the popcorn now?’ LoL.  I’d have to say that the popcorn would have to be the best thing about movie night as far as Abbey was concerned LoL.  Anyway, after the movie was over we went up the bed.  Now, over the last few months bedtime has not been a very good experience in our house…most nights it is a struggle (errr, battle!), but tonight I read Abbey her story and I swear she was asleep in less than two minutes after I turned out the light.  It was such a perfect night…I can’t wait for my next day off so we can do it again :). 

In other Black Friday news…I swore I would never do this but i got the paper on Wednesday and K-Mart had MP3 players on sale for $10 on Thanksgiving day…so I went to K-Mart on Thanksgiving and got the last two…one for Scottie and one for Abbey.  I couldn’t believe it, I was sure I would find them all sold out. Then, today, the only deal I really wanted was the 1/2 price Fisher Price Mini-Van that goes with the Loving Family Dollhouse Abbey’s getting for Christmas, and again, I got the last one…maybe I should play the lottery or something LoL.  I also found a Thursday only deal on Spiderman Walkie Talkies for my nephew, the only kid I wasn’t done shopping for by August.  Let’s see, what else…Oh, we visted with Santa today and it was the first time we got a picture with Abbey where I didn’t have to be in the picture too.  I was so thrilled…even if she didn’t smile in even one of the pictures LoL.  Ok, enough for tonight.  I PROMISE to be better about posting more often from now on…I swear :D! 

Ok, that’s enough for tonight.


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