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I’m so excited that after spending hours last week checking out websites and entering many, many blog contests I found out the other day that I won the Family Game Night Package offered by Kristen at We are THAT Family  .  She offered a Very generous prize including six games, one of which is Risk, one of my families favorites (the fact that its the Transformers version means our younger nephews will probably be joining in too!).  Go check out her site, its very entertaining.  I’ll be adding her blog to my list of blogs to check on daily for sure! 


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Spring Has Sprung…

Ahhh, Spring is finally here!  I did not spend one minute of the weekend doing any Spring cleaning either LoL.  There’s plenty of time for that on rainy days.  Instead we went to our library’s Earth Day celebration and made ‘Newspaper Nelson’s”, a little newspaper pillow with a face made of scraps of art supplies.  Then we got some sandwiches and had a fishing picnic…and Abbey caught a fish, with a little help from her Daddy.  I was a little worried about what she’d think about the worms we were using for bait, since she’s taken a shine to worms in general lately.  Meaning, when it rains and they make their way out onto the road, we have to rescue them and put them back in the dirt so they can “Find their Mamas” as Abbey puts it.  Luckily she hasn’t figured out the fate of the bait worms yet, but when she does I’m guessing we’ll be using rubber worms or rolled up bits of bread instead LoL.    Anyway, we ended the day with some ice cream.  It was a perfect Spring Day!                        

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More giveaways…

Katie over at Boasting in My Weakness is giving away a handmade tutu in your choice of colors …they are so cute!  And for those of you that have little boys there’s another giveaway just for you with some Bath and Bodyworks and beautiful, handmade washcloths to go with it.  You can check out all the great stuff she makes at her Etsy Store Zoe’s Couture Boutique  .  Go and check it out!

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Free Toys!!


My buddy Suz from A Family, Created finds all the best giveaways!  Here’s the new one she posted today that is from the ladies at Five Minutes for Mom .  They’re giving away toys everyday for two weeks.  Todays Giveaway is for a Legos set.  Legos are one of the few toys that keep Abbey busy for ages.  She would love this one.  So, mosey on over there and check it out…there’s bound to be something your little one will love being given away as well :)!

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We’re finally back and healthy!  Abbey came down with a stomach bug last Monday.  It lasted most of the day and the next day she was a bit better.  I was planning on going back to work last Wednesday when I woke up with it in the middle of the night.  The next day it was my Mom’s turn to come down with it and a few hours later Scottie got it.  The day after that it was MIL’s turn as well as my sister.  I have never seen a bug burn through our family so quickly.  Most of us just hardly ever get sick at all.  Thankfully we seem to be mostly back to normal.  Abbey isn’t throwing up anymore but she has other tummy issues the minute she strays from the BRAT diet it seems, but other than that we are doing much better. 

We ventured to the dentist today.  I am a total coward when it comes to the dentist for myself…when it comes to taking Abbey I’m a hundred times worse LoL.  She’s a real trooper though.  It seems God has a sense of humor…I can’t stand going to the dentist and he sent me a child who inherited a dental condition from her father’s side of the family called dentinogenisis imperfecta…translation: she will eventually need caps on all of her teeth.  For now, she’ll need to have four silver caps put in on the molars in the back, two on top and two on the bottom.    Today was a breeze…she just had a teeth cleaning.  The day we go for putting in the molars will not go so smooth I suspect.  Oh well, her father got through it and her cousins too so I guess she will too…me I’m not so sure about :).

On a brighter note Abbey got invited to her first real birthday party this weekend.  Up till now she’s only been to her cousins birthday parties and all her cousins are boys so she’s never been to a little girls birthday party at all.  This is a little girl that’s a neighbor at my parent’s house.  They play together at the park sometimes so it will be cute.  Its being held at one of those jumpy house places,  they just opened one right in town.  So that is our plan for Saturday…I don’t know whose more excited, Abbey or us LoL!

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