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Tee Hee!  Oh, did I mention that this is a Red Sox household?  Ok, I wouldn’t call myself a Red Sox fan…I’m more of a non fan…If NY is in the World Series I root for them because its a hometown team, but I don’t follow them throughout the year and watch every game.  Scottie, on the other hand is a Red Sox fan through and through.  He’s been a New Yorker for all but 6 months of his 42+ years but his dad ingrained the love for the Red Sox into him and his brothers and sister.  The first time they won was about a month after our daughter was born so he was sure that our daughter was a miracle baby that broke the ‘curse’…I’m not sure what brought on this year’s win but either way…he’s a happy camper this weekend!


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Whew!  I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up around here lately haven’t I?  I will try to do better.  I think I’ve been going through a bit of planning withdrawal since I spent all Summer planning the big camping trip and then there was Abbey’s birthday to think about, and then figuring out her Halloween costume…so, once all that was settled I was at a loss of what to do with myself.  But, did you know that there’s only 62 days left until Christmas (and that will probably be down to 61 by the time I post this 🙂  ).  One of my favorite sites every year around this time is OrganizedChristmas.com…they have a six week countdown that lets you plan for the holidays and have a stress free Christmas.  Unfortunately, every year before now I tend to find it around the first week of December, just when its winding down LoL.  This year, though I was ready when it started on Sunday and I’ve mostly worked my way through the first week’s list.  Now if I can just stay as motivated for the next five weeks :D!

As for Halloween…we were thinking since Abbey is totally mesmerized when she’s watching Curious George cartoons that that would be a good costume for her (especially since the other cartoon she’s totally mesmerized by is Calliou…a bald, three year old boy).   Of course actual, Curious George costumes go for about $45 and look pretty much like the monkey costume from Old Navy so that’s the one we went with (and Scottie managed to grab it for 50% off too).  Last year, when Abbey was a chicken for Halloween, Scottie decided to dress up like a Farmer, so its our new tradition that Dada and daughter dress up with a theme ( I can already see the heartbreak it will cause for Scottie when Abbey’s a tween and done with this tradition 😦  ).   So the obvious choice was for Scott to dress as the Man in the Yellow Hat.  Of course that meant finding an extra large outfit in Yellow for a grown man…not an easy task but we did it so that’s what they will be.  We have a dress rehearsal this Sunday when they have a costume parade at our townhouse so I’ll have to post some pics then. 

I’ve been slacking on the menu planning too.  I really want to get in this habit (as I’ve said on previous occasions) so I’m going to work on that tomorrow if its as slow at work as it was today LoL.  As for tomorrow I think its Biscuits and gravy…quick easy and good.  I’ll figure out the rest of the week tomorrow I hope. 

Oh, and I’ve joined a gym…never thought I’d say that since I’ve always just walked for excersize and I’ve done it outside or around the hallways at work or at the mall.  Anyway, they offered us a  really good deal for a monthly membership at work so I took it and so did Mom, so hopefully we’ll keep each other motivated.  Hmmm, I think that’s all for now!  I swear I will do better with keeping up with the posts for now on :). 


Have you started Christmas shopping yet and if so how far have you gotten?

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How Cool is this…

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